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Gender: Male

Age: 7 and a half years old

From: China

Hospital Diagnosis: 2 years old diagnosed with autism

Symptoms: No active consciousness, not with people as the visual, solid stereotypes, poor memory, not with people to communicate, speak very unclear and almost only can send syllables. After the examination found that autism with bilateral brain and tongue more serious development problems.

Period of Adjustment: November 22, 2016

Result: Adjusting eight autism to solve the problem of origin. Current comprehensive ability: 2 years old 2 months or so

Sun Zihao conditioning after the first feedback:
Dutch Dutch mother when the “ice face” has become a brilliant “chrysanthemum” face.
She said with excitement: “Dutch take the initiative to get into my arms today to hug me, pat him, look at me tired, told me: ‘my mother is gone, I cook to the mother to eat.’ And in the bed to do cooking The action and then hands to me, and asked me fragrant incense.
“He was so happy to tease me with a small light on the bed, saying there was a puppy in the light.
“He took the initiative to pull me to teach him to draw a tree, coloring.
“He saw a wedding outside the hotel, asked me what is married, and then took my scarf so that I help him stick to the wall, stick into the shape of the bend, asked him Gansha, he said to be married (With a rainbow door at the scene of marriage).
“Also own interest with two cups of paper one, two, one, two of the first time in their own numbers!
“There is a big change is: before the conditioning because the urine of the total stop of the non-stop, one day to give him two underwear, today, no direct change, but it has been dry!
“and also……”
Dutch Dutch mother happy one of the pieces told me after finishing the first time, the Dutch all the changes, said six or seven years to really pressure in his heart piece of stone is finally loose!
“I see the dawn of return to normal life!”

• Sun Zihao conditioning after the second feedback:
Dutch mind happy to talk about the second time after conditioning, the Dutch all kinds of changes:
“Take the initiative to find a toy to play today, I asked him to fold the plane, but also write his name he took the plane to do ‘ride’ look, happy to say: ‘take the plane, fly.’ And his interactive fly back and forth! Also asked me to fly the plane to the door (so and my mother’s flight distance, and the route has a curvature) very happy!
He never take the initiative to find toys to play, to him off a lot of aircraft and the like, do not know to play, only you will give him a good thing will be a mess of chaos. “Dutch mother side while learning to learn the way before the Dutch to see us.
“He also took the suitcase ride (cold outside today, Niangliang had to stay in the room), that this how do not run? Wheel it? I think about it, August brother of Holland’s holiday at home, brother’s luggage The box is a wheel, he was played .A long time before he actually remembered! This is never the thing! It seems his mind began to turn up! “Mom said talking excited.
“Dutch today is very sticky me, always like to hold her mother, a half hour to hold is not fun like.
“He said to go home, pack their own things, bring the things are packed into a bag,” said Holland mother while she smiled and took the bag to me, “I said now can not go home, he gave Dad said, ‘Come on tomorrow.’ I let Joel and Dad say goodbye, and the father said, ‘Daddy, When I was persuaded to go back several times, he reluctantly said good-bye to his father, but when I put down the phone, I saw that the face of the little Dutchman was very depressed and unhappy. He did not have any reaction, forced to let him say goodbye, and did not take any emotional machinery to deal with this time my father heard his son want to dad excited ! ”
“Today, Holland in the stool, even holding the phone into the buttocks, and small aunt called and said: ‘Auntie, you see me smelly smelly?'” Said: “This is two days, pants on a little bit of no urine, do not have to change him, which I can worry. Oh! Before a day have to change a few times, up to one day to change seven cotton trousers!
After the Dutch mother took out his cell phone, turned to me, pointing to that, who is who, who check, training know, they have a message to each other to tell each other. She said: “This time because I do not know the situation before, just anxious to come over. These two days I have to tell them one by one, my family is good, I have to let them know the good news! Do not need medicine, no needles, the child without any discomfort, so fast, change so much, really … … “mother very happy smile said,” Oh, Wang, I do not know how to say it!

• Sun Zihao conditioning third feedback:
Dutch Dutch mother face happy to count the number of tune after the third change after the change (according to the Dutch mother said to probably put together a bit):
First, the coordination: play is very accurate, can play a few meters at once, will throw the ball and can be thrown to the mother – before the direct kick, will not throw. Will only hold past. In the two days before the school engaged in activities, the Dutch also is not directly kicked, will not throw.
Second, the family side: know to take care of her mother. Mother sitting on the bed, patted his legs and said, “Take the hemp up.” Joan will take the initiative to hold his mother ‘s arm in the past, while helping to say: “I help my mother.
Third, thinking, language, etc.:
1, can pick up the father’s call, my father asked: “eat it?” Joel replied: “eat!” Dad asked: “What to eat?” Dutch replied: “meat, noodles Intestinal and instant noodles). “(Before the Dutch did not answer the phone, will not answer people’s questions.)
2, mother and brother through video, because the room signal is not good, go to the corridor, the sky is dark, the video has not clear. Mother said: “Not clear, off, right?” After being heard by the Dutch, the Dutch reminded her mother said: “turn on the lights.” Mom did not see the lights on the corridor where the switch, said: This! “And while talking about the lights on the corridor opened.
3, the Dutch mother to do a windmill, my mother said no paper can not do. The pin was drilled into the bed to find out yesterday’s folded plane, opened, and said to her mother: “With this.” After the request, my mother asked him to write the name, write “TV” (mother watching TV). See the subtitles on television, but also asked her mother: “What is this word?” Before he taught him, he ignored, and now actually asked!
4, know smug. Dutch put on new clothes, standing on the wall asked his mother to take pictures of him, and make a very handsome look since the happy look.
5, put on clothes, to his mother and he went to the supermarket, and go before dig my mother backpack, my mother asked him to do, he said to see the money Mother gave him a fifty cents, do not charge, said to be big, my mother asked what color of the big, he said: red. To the supermarket, Dutch took a football. Mother said: “Where to play ah?” Joel said: “Go back!” Mom said: “Well, we go home.” Joan very surprised eyes looked at her mother, it seems that not back home. “Come back to the hotel door, my mother said:” This is the living we live in the ‘seven-day hotel’ “Dutch charge immediately followed, said:” Seven Days Hotel “(before the load does not consciously ask to go to the supermarket, but do not know whether or not to bring money will not know where is not” home. ” Very few four words, but are two separate between the two, not as “seven days hotel,” the four words with the smooth said, the Dutch are basically just follow the adults say the last word, such as you Said: “seven days hotel”, he followed said: “Museum”)
6, from the hotel’s window to see the outside scenery, he even took my mother’s cell phone took several photos, my mother asked what to shoot, he said the fish, raging, high-rise. Three sets of photos in the three themes shot really good clear! Mom gave me a look, happy to say: “I will be sent to the group after a while! Dutch charge was finished three times so great!
7, hear the mother cell phone to teach the phonetic “p”, said the cup dirty dirty brush out of the “splash”, he immediately took a empty yogurt box, fitted with water, while the side of the splashing side said: ”
8, wake up in the morning, still lying in bed, it suddenly very fluent, said: 1,3,5,7,9 is odd. Mom asked: “2,4,6,8,10?” Dutch immediately replied: “Even.” Mother said he taught him many times before, but he can not remember, and one by one slowly Single number jump, to consider for a long time “Asked what his grandfather called, before he could not remember, today suddenly said out.” Mother said excitedly, “I think his brain began to move up! And articulation than before clear, and say the words I used to talk to him, where to say where, the people on the edge of a joke we said: ‘mother can say that the child shut up no one, say to whom to listen to?’ I can not quite The taste of the answer, said: ‘tell you to listen to it!’ Well now, can take the initiative to say!
9, last night to give him wearing a warm pants and sweaters so that he slept, sleep more than ten o’clock, suddenly get up, while his mouth said: “off! Off!” Side of his hands off the pants, mother: “asked sweater “Joel said” off! ” And then together with the sweater off. Mother said with a smile: “Do not say before wearing a warm trousers, sweaters, is to wear heavy thick jacket, big thick hard pants, do not know uncomfortable request to take off. This is the first time since there is this reaction! How are you comfortable!

• Sun Zihao conditioning fourth feedback:
Dutch Dutch mother some bad mood, said: “Dutch today almost killed me!”
“Pants urine twice: the morning of their own on the ground, with a variety of ways to play the car, playing with play, and suddenly anxiously and I said: ‘urine!’ I led him to the bathroom, the results to the toilet , He went to the bathroom, and I want to give him faded pants, he not let, have to fade themselves, the original position of the pants faded no problem, but small Chicken on the top, the results of the top of the wet clothes, wet legs along the thighs! Twice a day, mad at me!
“In the afternoon there is a box of milk finished, I put the empty box thrown into the trash, he was lying on the edge of the trash must have this empty box, kept saying: ‘I want! I want! ‘I let him go up, he does not get up, angry I said:’ That you want it! I do not want you! ‘I opened the door to the corridor, and put him in the house. He cried in the house I’ll see you, see me in the corridor, continue to cry, I turn a corner to hide, he can not see me, do not cry, shouting: ‘back! Back!’ I come back After the angry asked him: ‘You do right ?!’ He replied hard and hard, said: ‘Yes!’ He said it was right, just gas halo me.
“Look at him like this, I am very angry, lying on the bed to ignore him to the bed before I gave him a bath, but he did not speak with the friction, so standing, ignoring people. I came out from the bathroom, the room all the lights are turned off, I half lying in bed to ignore him.His own slowly from the toilet out of the air through the small green light, and slowly squat down, the two The hands of slowly groping, “Dutch mother side said, while I learned the way Dutch was the time” later touched the bedside stool, and slowly touched the bed, because the bed and the stool distance is greater than his double arm flat He did not know what to do, and I did not know how to do it, and he could not help laughing like that. He heard me laugh, climbed to bed, arched on my body, and was close to me. Calmly asked him, ‘You are so disobedient today, right?’ He said slowly: ‘No.’ I asked him, ‘that you will not do this tomorrow?’ Joel said, ‘No’.

“What do you think about today’s thing that makes you angry, what else is it?” Said Joel Mama, “Oh, go out with him and go to a ‘beauty’ store. , He said, ‘What is it?’ I said, ‘Do you want to go home?’ I asked: ‘There’s an air conditioner, a fridge, a TV. Why? ‘He said:’ sold! ‘”I smiled and looked at the Dutch mother asked her:” In the past you are not saying to sell his words? “Dutch mother said:” Yes! He sometimes disobedient, I said to sell him, do not he.
I said with a smile to the Dutch mother, said: “The first day of the move, you lose. You get yourself to get dizzy.” Then I slowly and one of his analysis of the occurrence of these “angry events” Essence lies. Dutch mother thought to himself, “It is true! It seems that he himself has his own mind!”
Among the children who are being treated, today there are two children in the healing process coincidental at the same time entering an extraordinary period:
After the autism is resolved and the solution is resolved, the children will experience a special period: the establishment of a non-standard concept and the challenge of parental tolerance limits. Different age, this time to different morning and evening, different personality will make time different. But every child has to go through this process. This stage is one of the priorities of post-education. After the specific with you to do the topic to share.

• Sun Ziwei conditioning fifth feedback:
Dutch mind feedback as follows:
“Dutch day performance is very good day, the mood is also very good, not as obedient as yesterday, looking for something.
“Dutch morning wake up this morning a special excitement, a good mood in the room looks to look, went to the door to open the door, the strength of the big, the anti-Daolian to pull out their own bedside Bu Zhisheng And I knew that I had trouble, and I comforted him, saying, ‘Nothing, wait for my mother to wait for the waiter to fix it.’ ‘So he was so happy.
“When we go out to dinner, eat rice charge to my bag in the money, I asked him to do? Joel said: ‘give money (pay).’ Oh, he actually know how to pay the meal.
“I said to him: ‘Where do you want to go?’ He said, ‘Go to the supermarket.’ I took his intention to go to the opposite direction of the supermarket, walked a few facade shop distance, he pulled me : ‘Go back! Go back!’ I asked him, ‘Do not you go to the supermarket? Do not you go back to where we live?’ He pulled me and said, ‘Go back.’ Then I’ll follow him He always brought me to the supermarket! I found him some way!
“In the supermarket, the Dutch suddenly said to me: ‘The old man can not walk.’ I said: ‘What old man can not walk?’ I look at him in the past, found an old man is trembling Walking. “Dutch mother side while talking giggling smile.
“From the supermarket, I and he said: ‘You lead the mother in front, we go back to the hotel.’ Then he walked in front, I followed in. To a crossroads, just red light, he stopped, I asked him: ‘But the intersection?’ He looked and said: ‘turn to go.’ (Back to the hotel does not need to cross the junction) to accurately put me back to the hotel!