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“Guyuan TCM Autism Institute” is a research institution of autism rehabilitation.

Guyuan TCM Autism Institute is a research foundation for autism rehabilitation. Since establishment, the institute has helped more than 200 autistic children who have come to our campus successfully recover, return home to participate in healthy family lives, and integrate into society. Through our rehabilitation program, many families have been able to return to happy and peaceful daily living.

The institution has created a systematic rehabilitation method for autism. We focus on:

  • causes of autism
  • pathogenesis research
  • rehabilitation conditioning
  • psychological research of child development after autism rehabilitation
  • comprehensive education (knowledge education and behavioral training by which autistic children can keep up with the comprehensive level of other children of the same age)
  • educational guidance, psychological counseling and intervention for parents

Through our efforts together, autistic children can recover and function well in society!