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1. The problem of congenital origin of autism to solve the problem of education, support concept:

Because autistic children are a comprehensive developmental disorder, especially the lack of active thinking, in the process of growing up the learning did not learn, the brain did not get the development, so their overall ability is lower than their actual age The The older the child and the gap between normal age children will be greater.

After a large number of practice found that autism origin problems, the children in knowledge learning, behavioral training, emotional needs are highly compressed, especially after conditioning for three months to six months, is the child’s Highly sensitive periods are of crucial importance. Once the loss of this stage, or the deviation of the child’s education, it is difficult to have the opportunity to make up and correct. Therefore, after a year of care of the parents of love, high level of targeted education is extremely important.

Children to take care of autism before the origin of the problem, the parents have to do a good job after the end of the full care, rejuvenation preparation.

At present, the autistic children in the autism to solve the problem of innate origin, the latter five aspects of education is very special, need to attach great importance to:

First: family, especially the mother’s love and companions need to attach great importance;

Second: the children grow up to miss all the sensitive period of automatic back, need to attach great importance to;

Third, the child’s self-esteem super sensitive, psychological development need to attach great importance to care;

Fourth, the growth of the child ‘s reference, need to attach great importance to clear;

Fifth, parents need to attach great importance to sharp psychological adjustment.

First: family, especially the mother’s love and companions need to attach great importance;

Children of their families, especially the “mother’s love and companionship” a lot of desire.

Love is the soil, love is the sun, especially the maternal love, it is all the children – for normal children in terms of such, the autism of innate origin problems after the solution of the children, regardless of the physiological age is how much, even so!

This period from the beginning of the first day of autism to do the origin of the beginning of the conditioning problem, probably going through three to six months. The older the time required is generally longer.

Before the birth of autism has not been resolved before the problem, because the child exists one of the inherent problems of autism: there is no active thinking. The result does not recognize the affinities, indifferent expression, turn a blind eye, hear, do not like communication. Family and his good and bad, love and not love, how much care and so on, for most autistic children almost no much impact. He only live in their own world, and the outside world is not associated, more incompatible. But the autism of the innate origin of the problem is resolved, the child in the emotions, thinking is completely the same as the normal child, and because of the previous turn a blind eye to the environment, and so do not hear the autism caused by the origin of the problem, Pregnant mother in October, almost all the people do not have any feelings. So when the child once resolved the autism of the innate origin of the problem, the most familiar in the child’s heart, so that his most sense of security is his mother. Children in the process of solving the problem of innate origin of autism and after a long period of time to solve, abnormal attachment mother, and then father, one after another extended to other relatives at home, and then slowly to strangers.
Many children in the process of solving the problem of innate origin of autism, very obvious the emergence of abnormal attachment to the mother. Such as the two-year-old Court Court, four-year-old dragon, three-year-old creek, more than a year old Xiaoxiao and so on children, just conditioning once or twice, the children’s mother generally reflected: One step do not want to go their own, want to let you hold him, go to the bathroom you have to hold the toilet, even at night have to sleep around his mother’s neck to sleep. Six years old cocoa, into, Xiao Bo, seven years old Hehe, Yan Wen, nine-year-old Huaqing, Jin Jin, thirteen-year-old Fu Yu, fifteen-year-old Kun Kun, Three times, the mothers are also generally reflected that the child asked her mother to hold, but they are too deep still hold ah, and the child reason, the child let her mother sat, and then he himself in the arms of her mother, Do not leave, often one to be more than half an hour, anxious you did not do anything, so embrace him.

In the autism of innate origin problems are resolved after three months to a year, any person, any items, are completely unable to replace the mother’s love and companions! In a large number of follow-up education practice confirmed that ignoring the mother’s companions will give children a comprehensive ability to develop the lag and psychological growth obstacles.

The United States has a man named Harrow and his colleagues have done a classic experiment: the young monkeys raised in a two “mother” in the cage. A “mother” is made of metal, the monkey can from this “mother” chest uplift of the nipple to eat milk. Another “mother” wrapped in a layer of soft curly hair cloth, but no kind can be for monkeys to eat. This monkey holding the cloth made of “monkey mother”, and the mouth stretched to eat the wire made of “monkey mother” who milk. When the laboratory into a monkey is not familiar with the move will be something, the young monkey will not hesitate to hold the cloth made of “monkey mother.” —— This experiment shows that the young monkey is not very concerned about eating, care about the spirit can get a sense of security, spiritual pleasure accounted for the first, rather than the needs of eating. This monkey in the future growth process, put it into the monkey, nor with other monkeys, always lonely. Later, this monkey did not grow up to die. In later experiments, similar to this monkey, even if grown up, with their own children, he will abuse their children.

According to many professionals around us, many human behavior is not much stronger than monkeys. Found that orphanage infant mortality rate is high, a big reason is that children get too little love. In some developed orphanages, the child’s material needs can be very well met, but the statistics show that these children in all aspects of the development of the average level, far lower than the normal family of children, the experts The conclusion is: because children do not have a family-style, especially the mother’s love caused by the environment.

Parents love is the best food for children to grow. Once the children get the satisfaction of love, in the relaxed and free state, the child’s nature will be shown. His psychological quality, intellectual quality and moral quality will be desperately forward.

For children, if the love is not satisfied, the child’s entire state is not self-confidence, low mood, do not want to interact with people, do not love to speak.

As an adult, if two people need to understand, they must communicate by speaking. For children, language is the most pale, the use of language is not a means of adults. But children? Is the use of life in the emotions, feelings and minds and adults have a link. As long as you are a mother, as long as you carefully, and ultimately can find a secret: your child do not listen to what you say, he can directly feel the true meaning behind your words, often you are not aware of the subconscious. For example, when you are anxious, the child will cry, this is your anxiety projection. The more children cry, the more parents will be anxious, you pretend that peace is useless, say what she will not listen to. The child has a high degree of perception of the truth.

At the same time, when the parents love children at the same time, children will learn to love their parents, love their parents at the same time, the children learn to love everything. The ability to love is the best quality. Love is the most critical opportunity to improve life.

It is important to emphasize that in life, parents’ care for the details of the child’s life is not only beneficial to the child, but also harmful to the child’s growth. Children need love is the spirit of care and understanding, life details of the guidance and exercise opportunities.

Second: the growth of all the sensitive period missed the automatic back, need a high degree of attention, with:
Austrian biologist Lorenz has found in the laboratory of such a phenomenon: newborn ducks, in the first few hours, if you do not see their mother, it will be the first to see animals as Mother, and then keep pace with it, once after this time, the little duck’s mother will act to disappear. This stage is called the sensitive period, also called the critical period. In fact, the human being as a higher organism has a sensitive period in which children are driven by internal vitality to concentrate on absorbing the characteristics of a thing in the environment, such as movement, language, behavior, etc., over a period of time and Repeated practice. Successful passage of a sensitive period, the child’s mental level will rise from one level to another level. Once this period passes, the sensitivity to certain things will disappear, and he misses the best period of learning.

Autistic children in the autism of innate origin problems have not been resolved before, because the child exists in autism
One of the source problems: no active thinking. Caused by the turn a blind eye, do not hear, do not like communication, narrow interest. Leading to normal children should have some sensitive period, they almost no. But the children of autism congenital origin problem is resolved, before all the missing sensitive period will not fall automatically compensate. Because he is already a normal child, and the normal child needs is a complete growth!

Regardless of congenital origin problems when the child’s physiological age is how much a person after the birth of the sensitive period such as: the sensitive period of the mouth, the sensitive period of hand, space sensitive period, digital sensitive period, reading sensitive period, painting sensitive period And so on, all of a normal, intact person should experience the sensitive period, these children in autism congenital origin problem is solved, almost all one of the automatic back.

Normal children all sensitive to the order of experience about the same, some of these children will not be the same, but the order is still almost the same. However, they experience the speed and normal children are very different. Some normal children need a year to experience the sensitive period, the children of some of the fast experience of the day finished.

For example: eight-year-old rock autism congenital origin problem conditioning a few days later, they kept eating hand, will be able to get things all put his mouth try – through his mouth sensitive period, the process Very interested in a very happy experience for three days, the end. Six-year-old Tudor autism after the birth of the first ten days of congenital problems, kept under the table, under the bed, the closet, and so can drill into the place happy laugh to drill to drill, so five Day – through his space-sensitive period. and many more.

In the sensitive period of the children, the children have a magical power, they are all in the growth and creation. If you actively promote, will be more effective, on the contrary, if you ignore this period, not good use, but it is less effective.

Sensitive to the full development of the child, clear-headed, open-minded, strong sense of security, in-depth understanding of the characteristics and nature of things.

This process takes three months to a year, or even longer. The length of time mainly to see the child autism congenital origin problem can be resolved when the physiological age and mental development.

Autism birth problems have been resolved out of the child parents, must be a high degree of observation, care for children, give children full space, time and correct lead, if their ability is not positive, the right to lead, the minimum is not Cross-intervention, must let them make full use of each sensitive period, so late “life” to a successful experience and growth!

Third, self-esteem super sensitive: the psychological growth needs a high degree of attention, care.

Autistic children in autism have not been resolved before the birth of the problem, because the child exists one of the inherent problems of autism: there is no active thinking. Resulting in outside of any of his evaluation, views, etc., almost no physical and psychological reactions. But the child autism congenital origin problem is resolved, the child in the emotional, thinking is completely the same as the normal child, the children themselves will slowly find themselves understand the gap with the same age children, psychological nature will Produce some inferiority, frustration. Any subtle evaluation of the outside will be very sensitive, care.

Such as: 7-year-old cocoa to grandma home, and uncle’s little cousin play, before the cocoa and sister will not fight things to protect their own things, now will be, my sister some unhappy, sister said cocoa silly, Cocoa does not admit that he is silly, but my sister said he: I am smaller than you are on the first grade, you little fool! Cocoa mood very bad and my mother home, and then every mother said to grandma home, cocoa is very simply said: do not go before the cocoa has never been so, my mother do not know why. Cocoa refused several times after the mother forced him why not go, cocoa moody answer mother said: sister called him … …
Children with autism after the birth problem is resolved parents, the children 3-6 months of highly sensitive period, be sure to carefully observe, timely, positive interpretation and positive guidance, do not let the children extremely sensitive , Tender heart hurt, let the child grow into a body, the heart of healthy sun children!
The bigger the child the more serious the problem. Such as 15-year-old children, coupled with physical development reached adolescence, physical and psychological development do not match, and so on the obstacles, tangled, parents are very difficult to take into account the child’s body, the overall healthy growth. From all angles, must be early detection, early intervention, early rehabilitation!

Fourth, the growth of the child’s reference to a high degree of attention, clear: focus on their own children, followed by other originally born a normal child.

Autistic children in the autism of innate origin problems have not been resolved before, because the child exists in autism.
One of the source problems: no active thinking. Caused by the turn a blind eye, do not hear, do not like communication, narrow interest. In the process of growing up the school did not learn things, the brain did not get the development, so their overall ability is lower than their actual age. The older the child and the gap between normal age children will be greater.

Congenital congenital origin problem can be resolved after the children, not all of a sudden and normal children the same age, need a little bit of perfection, to enhance their ability in all aspects, catch up with the normal children of the same age. Parents are always careful to observe, recognize every child’s progress, thoroughly with sandwiches (recognition, praise the child’s progress, give the child the appropriate advice, sincere encourage children to go) to treat children, never give the child A little bit of frustration! So the child will grow rapidly, grow for us are looking forward to self-confidence, self-esteem, ability, have to play the body, the heart is healthy children!

Such as: Han Hang, eight and a half years old. In addition to autism problems, but also accompanied by severe development of the tongue. Almost nine years old, and rarely speak before accepting autism conditioning, even if the occasional expression will only say a small amount of a single word, very few words, almost no words, and occasionally say a four words Of the two, two separate, and the middle to a long time interval. Autism congenital origin problem solving, the children are more and more like to speak, although the expression is not clear, but also can not tell how many words, but the children are very excited to watch other people’s eyes with a gesture wow wow wow Say, in fact, he wanted to express the meaning simply can not hear. Han Hang’s father is a very good middle school teacher, he is very patient and even some exaggerated praise, encourage children, and children interaction. Children are more confident, say more. With the late development of the tongue to the child conditioning problems, the child can now very clearly express their ideas, will. Congenital origin problem solved two months later, the children themselves to the door of the supermarket to buy potatoes, home after the mother saw to buy back the eggplant. Ask the child: not to say to buy potatoes? How to buy eggplant The child replied: There is no potatoes on the shelf, I asked aunt there? Aunt said no. Aunt said the braised eggplant is also very tasty. I’ll come back to buy eggplant Mother and father flew gave his son a big hug! Fiercely sure, encourage the child’s growth! Children actually return parents said: father, mother, after I was responsible for buying food, right?

Fifth, the parents of psychological sharp turn to attach great importance to the adjustment: Do not use an autistic parents to look at the child’s eyes. With their children to go with the rapid return to some of the normal track, keep up the pace of child growth.
So far, has taken over the regulation of more than 100 autistic children, autism congenital origin of the problem to solve the time, the slowest no more than twenty days. The fastest of the three conditioning will autism origin problem completely resolved. While the child’s parents and children in autism morbid state of time for less than a year, more than ten years, or even longer, thinking habits have been some stereotypes. Easy to quickly grow some good behavior of the child as autism innate origin problem is resolved before the “extreme stubborn” or other pathological behavior, so, not only missed the positive lead to the child, and even some serious obstacles The child’s mental growth.

Such as: Guangxi four years old Yu Ze in November 2014 to accept autism conditioning 7 times, before and after 10 days, autism congenital origin problems completely resolved. After going to kindergarten normal school, the teacher asked the child to do the topic is “autumn leaves fluttering” paste painting. Yu Ze insisted that part of the leaves will be affixed to the trunk and roots, the mother determined not to let the child wah-wah cry, after the mother snapped, reluctantly according to my mother said, all the leaves will be affixed to the branches.

(This child has a feature before the early morning if there is an unhappy thing, then cry all day, any person any persuasion, scold, etc. can not afford any effect).

November Nanning has begun to have a lot of leaves, Yu Ze’s practice is a good show of his attention, observation, thinking ability to create, social communication ability, and so have, is already a very normal child. But my mother confirmed that the child fell ill, and stubborn. Mother’s reason is: other children are not the leaves pasted to the trunk, the root of the ah, do not allow also cry.

Seven-year-old combination of autism before conditioning, the toilet is the mother to help faded pants, pants, and the toilet has never taken the initiative to excretion of consciousness, as long as the adults do not hold a good time, , And sometimes the winter day need to change to 7 trousers. Began to conditioning the fourth day after the combination of said to pee, and then their own to the bathroom, have to adhere to their faded pants, pants faded position is good, but because the chicks did not put up, up urine, wet Tunic, urine down the thigh and wet pants down. My mother was very angry, put the child to the training meal. Children have a sense of autonomy, know how to urinate, and know to go to the bathroom, and take the initiative to shake their own hands, pants, autism is inherently adjusted to the problem of good performance, the child is very rare to enter the stage and learning Experience stage. My mother only to see the urine of the pants, did not see the reasons for the baby pants and the child’s fundamental change, missed the child’s excellent body, heart growth opportunities.