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Autism Adjustment

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Autistic children can become normal!


Case Histories


Etiological factor and
rehabilitation technology

The rehabilitation technology, on the basis of internal acupoint pressure technology, is formed by combination of medical skills of several ancient wise men. It is used to activate dormancy acupoints to regulate blocked meridian, restoring vitality of relevant system, eliminating radical factors causing autism, so as to vanish original symptom of autism. It is a kind of pure natural method without needle and medication, without secondary harm for children; therefore it can make children to rehabilitate comfortably and peacefully.


Prevention of Autism


  • Pregnancy mood
    Pregnancy mood
    Good mood must be kept in pregnancy, do not be angry, panic, etc.
  • Cesarean
    Cesarean shall be avoided as possible as it can. If eutocia fails to be implemented due to physical cause, parents must “communicate” with fetus. Most of fetuses are able to understand.
  • Pregnant woman or fetus's fear
    Pregnant woman or fetus's fear
    Vacuum extraction, forceps, etc. shall be not used in eutocia as possible as it can.
  • Test-tube baby
    Test-tube baby
    Non-natural breed shall be highly and carefully emphasized, like test-tube baby.

Training program

Since autistic children have comprehensively developmental disorder, especially lack of active thought, short of something which should be learnt in the process of growing up, and short of development in brain, they have lower comprehensive ability than that they should have for their actual ages.

Parents must fully prepare for caring and culturing after nursing is completed before children receive original causes of autism.


Children Recovered

Over 200 children has already successfully passed rehabilitation in Guyuan TCM Autism Institute.

Let all families with autistic children see the dawn of hope!

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What parents say


Chengxu’s mother

Tonight, I had things to do and we had a late start going to Granny’s only around 9:00 PM. But this trip was very interesting. I opened the backdoor reaching for the baby-seat stored there, but to my surprise he climbed up into the back all by himself and got himself into the baby car-seat in the back, and stayed very quiet all the way. It was only when we reached Granny’s house that I realised that I had not turned on the interior car lights for him. When I opened the back door, he happily climbed down all by himself. We had parked the car about 100 metres from the house, the little chap didn’t once ask to be held, and walked happily with me all the way. Granny’s garden had some pepper plants taller than Chengxu, and with the light from Granny’s window it was not too dark in the yard, and incredibly, Chengxu started playing bide-and-seek there among the pepper plants with his 4-year-old uncle.  None of this was conceivable before!

Yu He’s mother

Before crossing the road are rampage, I never dare to let go, a door I have to clutching his wrist tightly. Speaking is unconscious stereotypes repeat others. Today when crossing the road, he Do not look at the traffic lights directly to me, I said: ‘There is a car!’ I did not expect him: ‘Be careful! There is a car! Cross the road to pay attention to safety!' Oh my God!

Jincheng’s father

I will do my best to tell more parents of autistic children that they can understand that autism is fully recoverable!


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StarChildren Fund Awarded Since 2017

China Shanggu Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine has decidds to appropriate one million Yuan as Caring Fund every year to help autistic children in the world. To ensure the rational use of the fund and to achieve the best results, with a view to providing help to more children, rules for the use of [...]