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Gender: Male

Age: 6 months old

From: China

Hospital Diagnosis: Two years old diagnosed with autism

Symptoms: No self-consciousness, almost never with the people, regardless of any other people's problems, extremely stubborn, very poor concentration, temper, do not play with the children, as if no one is my own, almost no people, , Very like rotating toys, like climbing cylindrical objects. Never do any selective problems, the sound is weak.

Period of Adjustment: 2015.9.30 -2015.11.10

Result: 16-time autism spectrum disorder problem solved. So far, Yu is the largest number of children a conditioning. A total of 16 times conditioning. Before and after lasted nearly two months.

September 29, 2015, the first conditioning:

A family of three from Guangxi to Qingdao has been very late, the next morning to do the inspection and the first conditioning.
30, lunch, my father found that before the careless water sprinkled on the body, Yu He flew on the freak. This time did not, Yu was very calm by the mother from the table holding back to the room to change clothes to go back when the very calm. And before eating, Yu He almost at the table sit still, always run around. The lunch ran only three or four times, and a call he came back.

After second conditioning:

At night we have tea together in the teahouse, Yu has been in the teahouse and we are together, did not go out to run around. The time to go to sleep, my mother and he said: “I went back to the room pee it.” I did not expect him: “urine back and then come back.” Mom surprised to say: “wow! He has a heart!” It went back directly, and then went to bed with him to sleep. Oh, now did not play enough to start the conditions of it

After the third conditioning:

Mom said: “Before crossing the road are rampage, I never dare to let go, a door I have to clutching his wrist tightly. Speaking is unconscious stereotypes repeat others. Today when crossing the road, he Do not look at the traffic lights directly to me, I said: ‘There is a car!’ I did not expect him: ‘Be careful! There is a car! Cross the road to pay attention to safety!’ Oh my God!

After the eighth conditioning:

Autism began to solve the problem, Yu’s self-consciousness began to start: and other children play, he was smiling in the side of the look, and sometimes imitate their body movements and language, simple and children exchange a few words, And often will cast a glance at someone else’s eyes.

Because parents leave time is not enough, had to interrupt the conditioning, first go back to work.

Back home, Grandpa asked him: “Yu He, where did you go?” Before someone else asked when the wind to let go, no response. The grandfather said: “go to Shandong.” Grandpa asked: “how to go to the ah?” Yu Hehehe happy said: “The plane to the oh.” Grandpa saw the changes of grandchildren, happy No of it. Said it was grandson from birth for the first time and grandpa dialogue.

Go back to the rehabilitation center that has been in the past, the teacher said, Yu’s attention significantly changed a lot.
October 24 mother sent a photo to excitement, said: “The teacher let the child silence words, a total of 16, Yu all write right!”

The child did not even up to accept conditioning, until the autism problem completely resolved.

November 2015, continuous conditioning 8 times, until the autism problem completely resolved.

Parents feedback, said: “Yu He can be very natural and people on the view, but also very happy and smooth communication, but also often engage in some mischievous play adults. Rarely when the mood is not good, but also often hum it. The thing can be meditated to do, but also began to do some selective problems. Sound is now big, unlike the previous voice a small hum chirp.