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Gender: Male

Age: 3 years and one month

From: China

Hospital Diagnosis: Autism

Symptoms: No self-consciousness, not with any person (including parents) as the language of the original copy, extremely stubborn, self-talk, very poor concentration, temper, family is extremely indifferent, do not play with children, People go their own way, almost no people to communicate, like rotating toys.

Period of Adjustment: September 20, 2015 - October 30

Result: Conditioning seven autism origin problems, completely resolved

After the first conditioning:

Xi-ho father said: “Yesterday at noon for the first time conditioning finished, Xi-ho woke up, the first time I sat in bed and happy to play an afternoon, occasionally also cast my eyes, very good mood. ”

After second conditioning:

Xi Hao father feedback said: “After the second tune, the child has been emotional stability, sleep last night is also relatively easy before the lot.

After the third conditioning:

Xi Hao father feedback, said: “can occasionally take a short time with the people on the right to be able to play with the children to the supermarket is no longer stubborn to take a fixed line, etc. toys are no longer required to follow his good way, never allowed I went to the supermarket last night and he went the other way, he did not have any objection to the supermarket did not go before he passed the place, he did not get angry, kinda happy I have chosen a few pieces of toys into the carts, and we have just picked up the toy, and he has looked at it and it is not possible.

After the fourth conditioning:

Yuxiu father feedback, said: “He found him now called aunt, he will have quite a look at each other, said: ‘aunt.’ No longer as before, you and he said: ‘You call aunt. Expressionless, do not look at others just toot muttering, said: ‘You called aunt.’ ”

After the fifth conditioning:

Xi Hao father feedback said: “Today he had to urinate, take the initiative to pull the adult hand to the toilet! Before this is not the case, no matter what the occasion, what people want to urine on the urine, in the kindergarten is the same. Yesterday evening in the district downstairs and several children to play together, Xi Hao without their toys, suddenly ran over, kneeling in front of me and said: ‘beg you … …’ child speed quickly , And later said something, I did not understand what the meaning of the meaning seems to let me help him anything.

After the sixth conditioning:

My grandmother smiled and laughed: “Xi Hao this bad guy will be mischievous.I am today with a tricycle with him out on the road he wanted to play down, just pull me in the back I do not want to me. I told him: He said, ‘Auntie!’ I said, ‘Grandma.’ He smiled and said, ‘Auntie!’ I thought she could not understand me. Down to ask him: ‘Who am I to say the right to play down.’ Who would have thought he naughty hee hee looked at me very loudly said: ‘Grandma!’ This is his first tease me!

After the seventh conditioning:

Children with autism origin problem has been completely resolved. Take the initiative to recover, such as: before met the only pro-aunt never ignored, no matter how good aunt to him, it seems never know her. Aunt with a good thing to eat, only face expressionless almost every time “take away” the hands of aunt, even look at a look at her aunt. To this end, has been a great mother of a heart disease, that is their only nephew was taught bad, sad do not want to brother home. Now Xi Hao saw aunt to take the initiative to let aunt hold, and aunt not, and aunt to play with toys, see a small painting book, but also toot toot and aunt said non-stop. Before the aunt and he went to the supermarket he asked to buy things, must be bought, otherwise it will be endless trouble. Now aunt said and he talk about the reason, he would not want to be quite good, there is no emotional, happy to continue holding the hands of aunt in the supermarket to find what they decided to buy things.

Aunt cried and said: “In the detection of disease before which know that this is sick ah ?! Really innocent children, wronged brother, sister and my mother.

In the school, the toilet when the initiative to run the toilet, thirsty will be with the teacher to the water, nap is no longer like before I go in the corridor shouting, but very happy and the children lined up to the bedroom to lie down , But the teacher can not see him, they secretly opened a small eyes Chou Chou look at that, lying in bed spirit does not sleep. The teacher looked at him, and immediately closed his eyes to sleep. In the kindergarten teacher’s request to understand, but insisted that the time is very short. Sleep at night is relatively easy, and no big noisy…

One day to take the initiative and people on the TV. No longer sick of stubborn, take the initiative to talk with others more and more, but the speed is very fast, many words can not hear. Must have to look at his expression, gestures can find out the meaning of this little guy.
Symptoms of autism have disappeared, but the comprehensive ability is lower than the physiological age.

Once again go to Qingdao *** hospital examination, autism diagnosis results: developmental delay, currently about 2 years old.

Autism origin problems solved a year and a half later: is a normal child of all the behavior, but the comprehensive ability is currently slightly worse than the same age children, such as reciting the number of Tang poetry. This year and a half of the time, because parents work, the child has been in general kindergarten school. Targeted education almost no, for the development of children’s comprehensive ability to cause great obstacles, leading to catch up with the same age children slowed down.