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Gender: Male

Age: 1 Year 7 mos.

Hospital Diagnosis: Autism

Symptoms: Eye-contact with Mother very rare, the look fearful; flies into rage easily, cool or indifferent towards family members, rarely answers even very basic questions. Does not look at things around him. Sits in a corner by the wall when other children are playing together, and likes to roll himself inside the curtain standing hidden there for long periods. Has difficulty sleeping, crying for an hour or two before falling asleep each night, usually rather late, around 23:00. Afraid of the dark., etc.

Period of Adjustment: 2015.8. 25 – 2015 .9.15

Result: Three adjustments completely resolved root causes of autism problem.

After First Adjustment, Mother reports:

“The child has hugely changed today. He hasn’t lost his temper and has been smiling all the time. In the past, before going to Grandma’s evenings, we had to turn the lights on in the car, and had to place the baby-seat in the front seat by the driver. Within ten kilometres of Grandma’s home he’d start howling all the way.  Once the car stopped he would insist on being held tight.

“Tonight, I had things to do and we had a late start going to Granny’s only around 9:00 PM. But this trip was very interesting. I opened the backdoor reaching for the baby-seat stored there, but to my surprise he climbed up into the back all by himself and got himself into the baby car-seat in the back, and stayed very quiet all the way. It was only when we reached Granny’s house that I realised that I had not turned on the interior car lights for him. When I opened the back door, he happily climbed down all by himself. We had parked the car about 100 metres from the house, the little chap didn’t once ask to be held, and walked happily with me all the way.

Granny’s garden had some pepper plants taller than Chengxu, and with the light from Granny’s window it was not too dark in the yard, and incredibly, Chengxu started playing bide-and-seek there among the pepper plants with his 4-year-old uncle.  None of this was conceivable before!”

After Second Adjustment, Mother reports:

 “Chengxu has been in a good mood all day. Smiling at Granny he said, “Granny, I eat bread” and after she gave him some bread, he took it happily and ate it all up.  In the past he never looked at Granny, and would never ask to eat anything. It was always the grownups who would run after him to eat, and he would eat without paying any attention to the food.

 “He slept well during nap, sleeping over three hours straight. In the past it had been very hard coaxing him to sleep, and I had to hold him to sleep for at most an hour, waking up startled the minute adults made any noise. Today Granny said he slept easily, and she held him as usual for an hour, but afterwards she got up and nosily cleaned the bathroom but the little guy was not affected by outside activities in the least this time and continued sleeping for three hours. Waking up, he followed Granny everywhere, playing happily.

“The minute we entered Granny’s house tonight, he asked, “Where’s Sister?”  In the past, he never even looked at his cousin and never played with her.  Tonight, incredibly, he sought her out on his ow, and played together with little sister!  They even rode together in the little car!  He played together with her for a long time, and did not once remember to hide himself in the curtain that used to hold such attraction for him.

”Oh, yes, and when changing his clothes today, there was no unhappy reaction as usual, and the process was very smooth and easy.  In the past, getting dressed was always a terrific hassle, fighting all the way, he’d grip the front of his top fiercely and not let go.”

Two sessions of adjustment were enough to resolve the root problem.  After a few days, examining Chengxu once more, gave him a last session to fortify the earlier adjustments.  Over half a month following the adjustment sessions, Mother rang up to report, that from the first session to the present, he has been very good going to bed nights, without fussing, and without wetting his pants. Mother said, guiltily, “I did not know the child was sick then and I’d spank him each time he wet his pants… He has suffered so much unfairly!” and she continued in joking complaint, “Now I’m finished. I often get helplessly trapped by him. For example, when he wants candy he’d no longer say openly “I want candy,” but tell me, “Mom. I’m hungry,”  and then looking at me he’d say, “Eating candy can resolve hunger…”

Not quite six months after adjustment, not a trace of autism can be seen on Chengxu.  The child is lively, open, has a very quick mind and agile limbs.  Visiting Granny on New Year’s he led 5 or 6 other kids of similar age playing like crazy in the streets to their hearts’ content, having become the leader of children his own age or even slightly older than he himself.