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Gender: Male

Age: Three years old one month

From: China

Hospital Diagnosis: Autism diagnosed at the age of two years

Symptoms: Not with people, eyes dull and flickering, affectionate indifference, expression of indifference, very few people exchange, language stereotypes, original copy, turn a blind eye to the surrounding things, do not play with the children, like crazy and without any danger awareness. Extremely stubborn, irritable. Tell him what he does not seem to understand, almost no response.

Period of Adjustment: November 20, 2016

Result: adjusting six autism problems, completely resolved

Wang Xiao Long after the first conditioning mother feedback:
“Owl today sticky me, often asked to hold, patted what, go out more requirements to carry, holding, huh, huh, and even to the bathroom also spoiled, I took him to the toilet.
“But all day without trouble, has been very peaceful and very difficult to all day before so calm. Today, either let me hold, or eyes everywhere to see, sometimes he also looks pretty curious look at the side of the ‘research’ for a long time , Even to see him every day with the cups are like, as if the first time to see the same. Before, Han did not pay attention to see, nothing to interest.

Wang Xiao Long after the second conditioning mother feedback:
I do not know why I am very happy today, arms around my neck very happy. Sticky me, go out to pull my clothes, or asked to carry, holding, go out almost do not want to go their own, wanted to go Lying on my back or Lai in the arms, the worst also hand in hand led, Oh, before he did not like this, it seems that some independent let you feel and you do not like it.
“Xiao Long this seems to be looking at all the time is also very excited, and sometimes see a day to see things like the first time to see the same, around the turn to look for a long time.This whole day did not lose temper, The mood has been quite good.

Wang Xiao Long after the third conditioning mother feedback:
“Xiaolong these two days are very happy to play, wake up in the morning full of mental, happy. Happy to play when excitedly shouting (very excited, I do not know how to express).
“From the start conditioning, no longer like the previous one is not happy to roll, from the conditioning began, one did not roll. Sometimes enough to let him back to the hotel, although some unhappy, but persuaded him after it Obediently come back. ”
“Dinner, he was a few small bowl of Qi, and I said to his mother to use, and then took away with, and he did not have any objection. Not as loud as before crying, roll, must And then back row will be trouble a good temper a lot of no longer so irritable, unreasonable stubborn play happy when the eyes quite kind of God from time to time take the initiative to see me a few seconds to see me a few seconds.
“Today, I pointed to the top of the lamp to ask him: ‘What is this?’ Ouhang long excitement, said: ‘light!’ Oh! This is the first time to answer the question, before you do not understand, but you tell him what he followed. According to the previous words, directly said: ‘What is this?’ And no expression.

Wang Xiao Long after the fourth conditioning feedback:
“When you go out to play today, let me hold hands, see the car to know the slow down, stop to hide.” Before going out to run on the crazy run, call him do not listen to the car do not understand the hide.
“I want to let him back to the hotel, he did not play enough, and would like to lie on the floor, I said: ‘That you lie here, see people laughing you do not?’ Oh, owl immediately followed me obediently back to the hotel If any of the coax, persuade, and criticize are not used anymore, it ‘s time to know how to be ashamed of it.
“Buy toys from the outside back to the room, and I play with the toys to interact, not happy, no longer hit when happy even take the initiative to open shout: ‘Mom, Mom!’ My jokes are giggling when you are happy, but there is hardly any screaming today.
“At noon my mother had a meal of martial arts, there are several times the eyes of God and my eyes exchange, naturally very!” Owl mother a piece of happy said, happy face could not hide friends.

Wang Ying Long after the fifth conditioning feedback:
Tonight to do the last time (the sixth) to strengthen the conditioning. Tomorrow to go home. Today evening, owl long father and sister came, to pick their mother and son to go home tomorrow morning.
Owl long mother said: “Today, owl pretty make me angry!” We laugh: “how?
She said: “We go out to play, he did not play enough, I let him back, he was rolling on the ground .I do not say how he did not listen. There is an old man, told me: ‘You do not care about him, you in front Go, he insisted on chasing you! ‘I heard the words of the elderly, the gas on the forward, Oh, the results I did not go far, he got up to chase me, do not cry. Here conditioning, the first time so angry, can be really angry! Oh! Angry me. “Owl long mother said, gas seems to have come again. But thought, suddenly laughed and said: “before the words, I left and left, absolutely do not understand how to catch up with me. Oh, my God! This is and I mind eyes ah! I let him to gas halo “”
I asked, “what is the thing that makes you angry today?”
Owl mother said: “There are sleeping tonight, have to arms around my neck, legs have to ride on me, I move he woke.” This is not until ten o’clock before going to sleep, (than usual) night An hour. “- and sister grab mother, fight maternal love.
I could not help laughing and asking her: “What ‘s happening today?
Xiaolong mother smiled and said: “Oh, as long as I have, Xiaolong directly do not find my father today, my father came, and my father never had a pro, asked his father to hold, carrying. Happy.
“And then when you are excited today, almost no screaming, laughing a lot more times and my eyes more and more times the exchange time is longer.
“Before watching TV does not allow adults to give him the role of identification, and now can. There is no resistance and unhappy response and emotions before you if you point to the TV picture that this is what, do not wait for you to say I told him: ‘Bear big.’ He opened his mouth to learn, although the sound did not come out, but the mouth of the mouth, but I did not do it. It ‘s not followed before.
Wang Xiao Long after the sixth conditioning feedback:
Autism problems completely resolved. After the assessment, Ou Long existing comprehensive capacity in about one and a half years old. To give post-education guidance program.
Today, my father was happy to take home!