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Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old 1 month

From: China

Hospital Diagnosis: Autism

Symptoms: The child is more serious, never with people, not with people and other typical autism symptoms, live in their own world every day. There is no interest in staring at anything to eat. From small to two years old, are adults with a bottle or spoon a little bit from the teeth squeeze into the feed. Eating a meal requires three adults busy two or three hours.

Period of Adjustment: 2016.9.10 – 2016.9.25

Result: Adjusting eight autism problems, completely resolved

Came to the center of the second day to the baby began the first conditioning.

After the first conditioning:

The child’s father, Mr. Wu surprised said: “The child himself open his mouth to eat the first bowl to him to eat him actually open mouth to eat, the second bowl and then fed him, he would not mouth, and we like the original As he squeezed him.

After the second conditioning:

Dad is very excited to say: “We have just given the child with a bottle of milk on the milk, he himself ‘can not wait’ to climb over the bottle, their own to hold the bottle of milk! This is the first time Oh! , While drinking bite mouth, but this is never a thing.

With the late conditioning, every time the child father excited to tell Wang: the child can take the initiative to call my father, and can focus on the surrounding things change, and mother and father eyes exchange, and take the initiative and father very happy interaction Do the game, and never interested in things before the interest and peace of mind to study, and can take the initiative to taste fruit biscuits, and take the initiative to eat noodles, and even take the initiative to grab the hands of his father, Shandong buns Mei Mei’s children Eat up …

A total of eight conditioning, the child’s autism problems completely resolved!

Because of the relationship between time, Mr. Wu they are anxious to go back to Guangxi, according to the child is currently more than two years old physiological age but only one year of comprehensive capacity of the situation, especially to the children set up a companion education program.

“I will do my best to tell more parents of autistic children so that they can understand that autism is fully recoverable,” said Mr. Wu, excitedly before his departure.